GOB art comes in many forms and rarities based on actions taken by the community.

The original GOB collection lives on Bitcoin Ordinals and has two traits: Tier and Style.

The number of GOBs in each trait is the result of the gameplay and actions of GOB holders over the first few phases of the game.

Nearly 20k GOBs died in Phase 1.


Thousands risked their GOBs for a chance at winning 1 of 20 Genesis unique GOB designs.
Only 80 Genesis GOBs came out alive.

Marketplaces: Magic Eden | OKX

Tier 1 – 8

The remaining 47k GOBs range from Tier 1-8 (8 being most common).
There are 6 different styles.

Tiers: Tier 1 | Tier 2 | Tier 3 | Tier 4 | Tier 5 | Tier 6 | Tier 7 | Tier 8 | DED GOB
Styles: Monochrome | RandomLightness | Gradient | RandomRainbow | VerticalRainbow | Pepe

Bounty #1 Winners

Gob Art: Featuring Tributes to OG Artists